Story: portraits for social media, web and various networking profiles

Focus: natural images with a cosy, autumn feeling, a variety of expressions and movement

A follow-up session with Nina

This was my second session with Nina from Boustedt Konsult. She needed updated portraits with a cosy, autumn feeling. In particular she wanted more photos of her looking into the camera that would be perfect for various social media and networking platforms that she is working with. Click here if you would like to see the results of my last session with Nina.

My outdoor studio

Whenever I tell people I’m a photographer, the first question I get is often ‘Do you have a studio?’. Nope. Studio photography just isn’t me. Some people do amazing work in studios, but for the type of work I want to create, I want more options and more context. Storytelling photography is more than just a pretty photo of someone. I love being able to choose locations that suit my clients and help them tell their story. We could be anywhere from curled up on their couch at home, in a local cafe, in a meeting room, on a beach – there are so many options! For pure portrait sessions, I love Stadshuset! The light is beautiful there and there is so much variety in such a small space – soft light, dramatic light with deep shadows, clean, neutral backgrounds, brick walls, stairs, arches and columns.

Mini Portrait Session

This is why I’ve put together my Mini Portrait session, held at Stadshuset in central Stockholm. We can capture so much variety in a short amount of time, and for anyone who just needs a few good portraits to get them started, it’s a fantastic option. Click here to find out more about my packages.