When the weather turns bad

Nina is a social media manager and was getting ready to launch her website and social media channels.

We’d been planning this session for a while. During our planning stage we were actually complaining about the heat and not being able to sleep at night despite all the windows being open. (Well, kind of complaining. I LOVE the heat, but it was an extra hot period.)

Each day was sunnier than the one before and it was looking like great weather for her photo session.

I actually don’t mind if photo shoot days are a little overcast, but for Nina’s session we wanted sunshine and blue sky to match her brand.

But in the days leading up to the session it all changed.

The sun disappeared and it poured with rain. All. Day. Every. Day.

We were determined to make it work

It was getting close to the summer holidays, and I’ll be honest, I was getting a little worried that we weren’t going to be able to squeeze it in. I wanted Nina to have her photos before summer so she could start using them. I’d also promised myself and my family that for the first time ever I wouldn’t book in any sessions on my holiday.

So it had to work.

A photo collage of natural portraits of a female entrepreneur

A summer’s day photo session on Strandvägen

We booked in a new date and hoped for the best. I was checking about five different weather forecasts every day, about six times per day. And it turned out to be absolutely perfect.

Some days I just get the feeling that all the stars have aligned and everything is just as it’s meant to be. It was perfectly sunny and warm – but not crazy warm.

We started the day early at Dramatentrappan (the stairs by the beautiful theatre here in Stockholm).

I’ve learned that that side of the street is still in the shade at that time of day, which gives a beautiful, flattering light. The light footpath and facades mean that the light is reflecting all over the place.

Why is this my favourite kind of light?

It’s a beautiful soft light that fills in any shadows on the face, so it means no racoon eyes (which you can get in the middle of the day) and smooth skin. It’s beautiful!

The best part, though, was that the sun was just high enough that Nina was backlit which created a beautiful halo effect around her hair.

When it all comes together it’s like magic.

Oh, and have I mentioned that she was an absolute star in front of the camera? Like myself and most of my other clients, Nina wasn’t terribly excited about having her photo taken, but I she looks amazing in the photos! A total natural.

A close up photo of a woman writing in a notebook
A close up photo of a woman writing in a notebook
A photo collage of a woman and her tarot cards

A cup of tea & then straight to the water

We made our way to a beautiful cafe for a cup of tea and some photos there. This was on the same side of the road and I could see the light creeping further and further in towards the facade, but it was still perfect.

From there it was time to head straight out into the sunshine and make the most of it. The water was sparkling and everything was just perfect. We finished up at Glashuset, which was filled with blue details – perfectly on-brand for Nina’s business.

A woman standing with her arms outstretched

Strategy and tips from a social media manager

I love seeing how Nina’s using her photos on Instagram and her website!

My lovely and talented colleague in the Personal Brand Collective, Malin Hammar-Blomwall, has created a beautiful website for Nina which I’m excited to say is now live.

Nina’s such a huge asset for all of us trying to reach out to our dream clients. She’s recently launched her business as a social media manager and you don’t want to miss the valuable content she’s sharing.

I get so excited when she mentions the word strategy and the tips and tricks we should keep in mind when we’re sharing content. Love it! The thing is, it doesn’t matter how good you are at your job, if you’re not sharing the right content or if your content isn’t reaching the right audience, your dream clients are going to miss out on the chance to work with you.

If you’re not following Nina on Instagram, make sure you do.

A natural personal brand photo of a woman wearing black and smiling
A brand photo of a woman sitting and working on her laptop at a cafe

Scope of the brand photo session

Session Plan:

One story session incl 20 photos (but we did squeeze in a little more than one story)


in her role as social media manager


natural portraits


to capture on-brand images for her new website, Facebook and Instagram

to include sunshine and water

Target audience:




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