personal brand photography shot list

Unleash Your Visual Voice

Downloadable shot list with 70 photo ideas that you can use in your business when you’re feeling stuck for inspiration.

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Product Details

Digital shot list: 70 photo ideas for heart-led coaches when you're feeling stuck for inspiration

This shot list will give you ideas and streamline your content creation process, so you can spend less time wondering what photos you should share in your business and focus your time and energy where you want to (like working with clients and basically just living your best life).

Photos that feel like you are going to take your potential clients on a shortcut to get to know, like and trust you (which means an easy and confident decision that you are the one they want to work with).

This shot list is a result of my 9+ years as a personal brand photographer, working closely with small business owners to strategically create photos that elevate their brand and perceived value. These are my favourite photo ideas that have worked repeatedly with my clients to tell different aspects of their story - all with the flexibility to tweak them so they are aligned with your personality, purpose and what your clients want from you.

Categories of photos on the shot list:

  • personal brand photos
  • lifestyle & environment
  • thoughtful reflections
  • professional shots
  • productivity & creativity
  • connecting with your audience
  • travel & adventure
  • incorporating colour
  • seasonal & holiday shots