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I have SO many good things to say about working with Janine:

1. Janine GETS what branding photography is about. Before finding her, I had many frustrating experiences inquiring photographers who just didn’t get what I needed for my business.



2. From our very first interaction, she made me feel so seen. It was super important to me to stay true to who I am in my photos, and Janine got that from the get-go. She offered her expertise while always honoring what felt good and authentic to me.

3. Janine made me feel so comfortable during the actual shooting session. As women, we often struggle with body image issues, but Janine has a way to make all that dissipate. I spent a WHOLE day with her for our session, and I didn’t for a minute feel awkward or uncomfortable – plus, we had a lot of fun.

4. My photos are to DIE for. They’re exactly what I needed for my business, and they’ve given me confidence to become more visible and own my message and personality. The quality of the photos and the confidence Janine helped me portray in my photos show that I’m a established business owner, and not a newcomer in my industry. As a result, I’ve been making more sales and clients are willing to invest more in my services.

5. Janine’s team is amazing. As part of my package, I got to work with a personal stylist and a hair & make-up artist. My clothes and look get non-stop compliments, and I discovered a whole new way to embody my personality through clothing.

If you’re thinking about working with her, just do it. It’ll be one of the best investment you’ll ever make for your business.



I knew I needed personal brand photos for my website, but I was sceptical about hiring a photographer. I thought, ‘I’ll give a camera to someone I know. How hard can it be?’

Real photographers are expensive, and you don’t really know what you’re going to get.

Then I found Janine.

The whole process, from our first email contact to the session and delivery has been more than I had ever dared dream about. When I got a full-on questionnaire before our session, I knew immediately that this was going to be good.

On the day of the photo session, she got me to relax, talk, laugh and be myself. We had fun. It was like spending time with a friend I’d known for ages. And the locations she’s chosen were perfect.

And when I saw the photos I was utterly floored. Not only because they are unbelievably gorgeous (and they made me look good!), but they captured my personality and my brand so perfectly. Such an incredible feeling!

So yes, taking good photos is difficult and a real photographer is worth every cent. What Janine has given me is priceless. The best investment I have made for my business.

I’m going to hire her again as soon as I get a chance, and am already recommending her to my own clients who need personal brand photos.

The day I spent with Janine was magical.

She new exactly what pictures I need. Her attention to details is amazing. Her ability to understand exactly what you need is great. I highly recommend her and would defiantly work with her again!



Janine has a skill for making people feel unbelieveably relaxed. She sees when you start to tense up and gives you time to relax again. She’s so natural and down-to-earth, and it really felt like hanging out with a friend and having fun. It meant that I could really be myself.

It was important for me to find a photographer who understands me. Janine really brought out the real me and captured the feeling I wanted to communicate in the photos.

This is personal brand photography at its best.

I always want to have Janine with me, not just because she’s a fantastic photographer, but also because she’s a wonderful person that makes you happy to spend time with.



If you are an entrepreneur and looking for a photographer for yourself and your brand I can highly recommend Lumeah Photography!

Janine is truly dedicated, authentic and warm as a person. You won’t regret the investment since she takes amazing photos and your session will be both fun and relaxed. I found that she is also that kind of person that really delivers beyond your expectations, in everything from research to dedication to the delivery of your photos.



A fantastic photographer who got me to (almost) think it was fun to be photographed for my business. I usually stiffen up and look scared, but Janine got me to relax and be myself.

I highly recommend her if you need photos for your website and social media channels, your work or for personal reasons.





Hiring Janine to take photographs for my website and social media is the best investment I’ve made.

Since I help entrepreneurs and businesses build solid personal brands online, it was important that Janine capture the light I wanted and my brand colours. It has meant that my photos are cohesive – and now my clients want photos that are just as nice!

We had so much fun during the session that I never wanted to stop, and we started talking about booking a new session straight away. I can hardly wait until we travel to Cannes soon to take new photos by the sea!

I highly recommend Janine and Lumeah Photography if you want photos with real feeling and a photographer that really sees ‘you’ and your personal brand.

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