What business owner doesn’t want to be seen as professional, trustworthy and competent?

Isn’t that what we’re all aiming for?

We’re asking our clients to invest money and time in us and that can be a pretty big risk. Besides just letting people know that we exist, the aim of our marketing efforts is to remove any doubt that we are the obvious choice.


professional photo of social media expert Viktoria Brolin


By connecting. By building relationships, sharing our competence and staying top of mind.

I never imagined I’d end up running a business. I may have been naive, but I just thought ‘business’ was for people in suits, looking all grown up and serious and, to be honest, a bit pushy.

Everything that I wasn’t.

What’s been the biggest eye-opener for me – and the biggest source of pure joy – is that there’s a whole other way of doing business. That, no matter what kind of personality you have, no matter your style, your dream clients are out there.

And they are searching for YOU!


professional photo of relationship coach Katrin Berndt looking into the camera


If you do a search online for professional photos, chances are you’ll get a bunch of photos that look quite similar and that, perhaps, don’t feel like you. Nice photos, but a bit generic.

If we all dressed the same and acted the way we think we should to be taken seriously, how will anyone be able to tell us apart? How will anyone know that they need to choose you over everyone else in your industry?

And even worse, if you are hidden in the crowd (or don’t show up at all) and they don’t even know that you exist, how will you ever be able to help them?

I know this is a huge cliché, but I’ve realised that we all have this magic within us that needs to be shared. That your clients want to work with you because you care about them and have a passion for solving their particular problem. Because your perspective and life experience are exactly what they need and because you’re the kind of person they can connect with and trust.

Trust me, it’s been a long journey for me to realise this. But it makes business so instinctive and so much fun!


minimalistic professional photos of landscape designer and coach Emma Jägbeck from Oas Design


I know that you are going to be bombarded with messages, advice and information online and in your inbox today, but if you just remember one thing, I hope it’s this.

You are allowed to show up in your business exactly as you are. Right now.

If wearing a suit feels like you, then wear a suit in your photos.

If you’re more of a t-shirt and jeans kind of person, then wear that.

(Bit of both? Include both looks!)

Feel more confident and more ‘you’ when you’ve had your hair and makeup professionally done? Let me help you organise that.

Want to do your hair and makeup yourself? That’s exactly what you should do.

When it comes to your personal brand photos, there’s no ‘one-size fits all’ solution

I usually recommend that my clients create an inspiration board of photos they like, but you don’t need to copy the photos you see on Pinterest.


professional but playful photo of economy coach Anna Arnetz holding a reed like a moustache


From your outfits, locations, expressions, body language and stories.

Because when you can see your personality and your ‘vibe’ in the photos that you share in your business, your people will stop scrolling. They’ll automatically know that it’s your post and they’ll be eager to read what you have to say. To be inspired, educated or entertained.

When you are authentic and consistent with your photos and messaging, each piece of contact they have with you (as in every social media post, every newsletter, blog post, video, whatever) is confirmation in their mind that you are the person they need to solve their problem.


a bright but minimalistic professional photo of life coach Sara Flume working on her laptop in her home office


When your photos feel like you, you will feel so confident sharing them. You will be able to write more instinctively because it’s your own genuine voice. You’ll post more often and you’ll find and create new opportunities to reach out to new audiences.

Because it’s easy and it feels good.

You can see a lot more of my ‘professional’ photos in my portfolio and blog.


a professional photo of Monica from Pensionsguiden sitting at a desk and writing


I’m curious, what does professional look like to you? Do you feel like you need to look or be a certain way to be taken seriously? I’d genuinely love to get your thoughts on this, so leave a comment and let me know.