Personal Brand Photo Session // Speaker, Mental trainer, Massage therapist

Scope of the brand photo session

Session Plan:
One Story Session
(incl 1-2 hour photo session, 20 digital images for web and social media & marketing).

This was my second brand photo session with Cattis, this time we wanted to capture up-to-date portraits in her pink power blouse, behind the scenes while she worked in the beautiful Grand Hotel Saltsjöbaden and an image to capture the balance she’s helping her clients achieve.

To capture a feeling of confidence, power, positivity, balance, fun and celebration.

Target audience:
Entrepreneurs who need strategies and mindset for personal sustainability, profitability, productivity and happiness.


Pink blouses and happy dances 

This was my second photo session with Cattis and I LOVE every second I spend with her. It’s no surprise she totally rocks her speaking gigs and is really helping her clients live a better life. 

Chances are she will get you up dancing if you go along to one of her speaking events (which are also online now since she’s gone high-tech to make sure no one misses out due to covid-19) – and chances are you’ll just want to go along with it because it’s hard to not get caught up in the energy that she shares. 

Cattis often works in the beautiful setting of Grand Hotel Saltsjöbaden and for her photos she wanted to capture the atmosphere there while she was in work mode. It was important that we included the pink ‘knutblus’ that symbolises power and confidence and some of the tools of her trade – her laptop stand for one. 

My biggest cheerleader 

Cattis has got to be my number one cheerleader. She says the most beautiful things about the photos that we create together, she always knows exactly the right things to say and has recommended me to so many other inspiring entrepreneurs. Grateful is an understatement. 

Despite the chaos that’s been caused by the pandemic, Cattis has managed to stay positive and adapt. She is running an incredible membership site that I think so many entrepreneurs could benefit from. She’s basically the antidote to crashing and burning. 

And as if it couldn’t get any better, Cattis is also now offering massage therapy.

Have a look at the links above to find out more. 

(Thank you to Alewalds for lending us the ski! We got a lot of strange looks and a lot of giggles out of it.)


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