Storytelling for business and a book straight from the heart

I’d been looking forward to this session from the first moment I met Jenny, and when she told me she wanted to work with me I’m not going to lie, I did a little happy dance.

Jenny is one of the nicest people I’ve met and she’s created such a solid and authentic personal brand that has resulted in her attracting the kind of clients that she loves working with.

You know when you’re struggling with your website, or newsletter, or sales funnel or some other IT rubbish and you say to yourself, ‘I wish someone could just do this for me so I could actually get back to doing my job and earning money!’?

Well, Jenny is that person.

The kind of person you can ask the stupid questions without getting judged. Who helps with what you need help with while also being clear about how long it will take and how much it will cost so you don’t need to waste your time worrying about that. I’m terrible at outsourcing for the things I don’t like doing, but I never hesitate to contact Jenny for help with the dreaded IT stuff.

Two brands in one

This was a special photo session.

Jenny wanted brand photos for her business, Internet Form, so that she can update her website, marketing materials and social media channels.

But she’s also working on something really special.

She’s writing a book about her experience of being diagnosed as bipolar and how she’s managed to get to a point where she’s able to live a life in balance, free from stigma, shame and societal demands. To accept all sides of what makes her her and to live a life that makes her happy and that has meaning.

Despite all the voices tell her that it would be impossible to hold down a job and do meaningful work, she’s managed to create a system that helps her use her energy to find her way back.

This book is going to be a huge source of information and inspiration and I am so happy and proud that Jenny’s sharing her experience.

A photo collage of natural portraits of a female entrepreneur
A close up photo of a woman writing in a notebook

Scope of the brand photo session

Session Plan:

Brand Boost Session
(incl a half-day photo photo session, 40 digital images)


We wanted to focus on the 5 pillars that have helped Jenny to get where she is today:
1. soul (eg. meditation, mindfulness)
2. movement
3. fuel
4. rest
5. doing (meaningful work and hobbies)

in protective armour (this was such a special part of our session – scroll down to the bottom to see)

natural portraits


To capture a sense of hope, happiness, inspiration and empathy.

Target audience:

Internet Form: female, soulful entrepreneurs who need help with the digital stuff so they can grow and have more ‘flow and chill’ in their work

Book: people who have been given a bipolar diagnosis and who she hopes will see themselves in her words and feel hope, family and friends of these people who are looking for new tools to try together with their loved ones and who want to understand them even better.


A photo collage of a woman and her tarot cards

Beautiful props

I always talk to my clients about what kind of things they use in their work or that are a part of their stories (in other words, props that they should bring to their photo session). One thing that Jenny mentioned was these cards. They were so incredibly beautiful.

And I have to tell you something amazing.

The night before we were going to meet, she got this card, the aboriginal elder, with a really beautiful message. She’d never got that one before, but now she did. Just before meeting me. Um. Is that not really amazing?

A woman standing with her arms outstretched
A natural personal brand photo of a woman wearing black and smiling
An IT entrepreneur working at a cafe
A brand photo of a woman sitting and working on her laptop at a cafe
A woman in glasses leaning in a doorway smiling
A woman sitting in a park reading a book
A woman in black walking through a park
A female entrepreneur working from a stylish hotel lobby in Stockholm

Her armour

This was such a special part of our session.

In her writing, Jenny often gets this image in her mind of wearning an armour, like a shield. Protecting her? Hiding her?

She wanted to create this image and we were given access to a suit of armour from Livrustkammaren under the Royal Palace. What an opportunity! And I love the results.

A woman dressed in armour