A full-day personal brand photo session in Stockholm with business and transformation coach, Sandra Nieminen.

Scope of the photo session

Session Plan:
All-Inclusive Plan
(incl a full day photo session, 100+ digital images for web and social media, wardrobe styling with Carolina Henning and hair and makeup with Mia Adam).

coaching in various forms (including ‘walk & talk’ and one-on-one)
working as a business & transformation coach and digital nomad
natural, but strong and professional portraits

professional, calm, playful, happy, confident, approachable, nature

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A perfect match

From the first moment I met Sandra I knew I wanted to work with her. We totally clicked. Besides being an incredibly nice person, she’s driven, focused and knows how to get her clients moving in the right direction. She genuinely cares about her clients and has the experience and knowledge to make a huge difference as a business and transformational coach.

Starting with a solid foundation of personal branding and professional photography

Sandra’s working with branding expert, Malin Hammar-Blomwall, who is helping her create a website and social media content that is just right for her. She knew she wanted to start her business with a solid foundation and has committed to getting help with her branding and photos right from the start.

This is such a smart move. Even though it is a big investment, her personal brand photo session will save her so much time, money and stress in the long run. It will also give her and her business a professional edge.

Everything about Sandra screams professional and quality, so of course her website and social media channels should reflect that.


Building her on-brand image library

She needed a lot of images. This means that she can start out strong with a tailored, on-brand image library and she has loads of fresh content for social media. My All-Inclusive Plan was a perfect solution for her. She now has well over 100 on-brand photos to get her started. This is going to save her searching for and spending money on stock photography and taking selfies.

I knew I wanted to capture her integrity and professionalism, but I also wanted to capture her personality, which is calm and thoughtful, but also confident and friendly.

Keep your viewers interested by varying your images

You want visitors to your website and Instagram account to stop and take notice. I wanted to help Sandra fill her feed with images that are interesting, varied, good quality, consistent with her brand and that her visitors can relate to.

It’s important to choose a combination of people and things to create visual interest. This includes:

  • close-up portraits
  • storytelling images that show you doing something and including more of the environment
  • details that help tell the story of what you do and who you are.