A professional photo session with lots of personality

For this session we wanted to create a classic look that captured Christina’s warm personality as well as her professionalism.  I’m thrilled how the locations, lighting, colours and everything came together and I had such an incredible day with Christina and her friend, Katharina.

Scope of the brand photo session

Session Plan:

Brand Boost Session
(incl a half-day photo photo session, 40 digital images for web and social media & marketing)
+ style consultation
+ hair & make-up


behind the scenes in work mode: with a colleague & client, programming, instructing, planning
natural portraits


To capture a sense of being independent, yet collaborative, professional, reliable, friendly and approachable.

Target audience:

Programmers & managers/project managers



The kind of photo session I love

This session was totally worth waiting for.

We’d been talking and preparing for a while when the pandemic hit. Christina had booked her travel to Stockholm from Gothenburg and had even booked the stunning Hotel Nobis for the weekend, but to make sure we didn’t put any family members at risk we decided to postpone her session.

I’m so glad we’ve finally been able to go ahead with our plans because it was such an incredible session.

Christina brought along her friend, Katharina, and I’m so glad she did. Besides being great company, it meant that we were able to take photos of Christina in work mode with a client/colleague.

Styling, hair & makeup and all the frills

Even though it was meant to be a half-day session, we knew it was going to take longer than that. We planned in time for coffee breaks and lunch at the hotel (which I’m still dreaming out – salad with deep fried artichokes? Does it get any better?), a glass of wine and time for lots of chats and location changes.

Even though it wasn’t included in her session, Christina added on a style consultation for herself and Katharina with Carolina Henning (Private Shopper Stockholm) and Mia Adam met us at the hotel in the morning to do their hair and makeup.

I love seeing how this extra help really makes my clients light up and fill with confidence. 

Hair and makeup artist Mia Adam

A classic look

It was important that we captured a look that felt right for Christina. We wanted a classic look, with quite neutral tones. We wanted to capture her warm, friendly personality as well as her professionalism.

If you look at websites of businesses in the IT industry, they aren’t exactly filled with personal, friendly images, so I feel like Christina is a bit of a pioneer.

I think her professionalism and competence is evident throughout her website and blog and everything that she shares, and I think that her photos are going to add an extra element that will attract her ideal clients.

A programmer and software engineer using post-it notes on a wall to plan a project

Christina’s stories

As well as natural portraits of Christina, we wanted to capture her in work mode – preparing for projects, in client meetings, with colleagues, programming, researching and reading.

We also made the most of the opportunity and took some photos of Katharina that she can use in her own business. 

Företagsporträtt på en kvinnlig företagare i Stockholm En kvinnlig företagare i IT branschen som läser en bok Företagsporträtt på en mörkhårig kvinna i vit blus

Photo shoot locations in Stockholm

When we started planning this session and started talking about locations, I suggested Hotel Nobis. It’s a dream location, which had the right colours and atmostphere.

The light can be a little tricky in the lounge since it’s coming straight in from above (hello raccoon-eyes), but by using natural reflectors (like the sunlight bouncing off the wall) and the right angles, it’s beautiful. The best part is that there IS light. The fact that the coffee is good, the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly and the staff are really welcoming are bonuses.

Besides Hotel Nobis, we chose Stadshuset and Brunkebergstorg as our locations because the have a classic, professional look that felt perfect for Christina.

To get between the locations we walked and took a few taxi rides to save time.

Throughout the day we squeezed in lots of cups of tea and coffee and had lots of great chats. I could’ve talked to Christina and Katharina all day (actually, that was what we spent most of the time doing).

A female entrepreneur sitting in a hotel lounge in Stockholm A female entrepreneur in a client in a hotel lobby in Stockholm A female IT programmer in a hotel room as a photo shoot location in Stockholm Two female entrepreneurs at Hotel Nobis as a beautiful photo shoot location in Stockholm A female IT professional at Brunkebergstog, a beautiful photo shoot location A female entrepreneur at Brunkebergstorg A female IT professional at Brunkebergstorg, a beautiful photo shoot location in Stockholm Företagsporträtt på en kvinnlig företagare i IT branschen i StockholmA female entrepreneur at Brunkebergstorg

I love seeing how Christina’s website is already coming together and can’t wait to see how her business develops.

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