Chances are you’re here because you’ve decided you want new photos for your business.

You’re ready to show up more and you want your photos to feel like you. You want to get in more bookings with the clients you really resonate with, who you love working with and who you know you can really help.

Which means more impact – and more income! (And let’s be honest, more joy.)

And you know that the right photos will actually help.

But what now?

How many photos do you need? WHAT photos do you need? What stories would make sense for you and your business? Where should we take the photos? And how to stop feeling nervous about being photographed so that it actually happens (because I’m guessing that perhaps you’ve been putting it off for a while…?)

When you work with me, we’ll work together to figure out the answers to all of these questions. You’ll get to fill in a detailed questionnaire so I can find out more about you and your business, so I can get a feeling for the photos that I think you need. And we’ll take the planning from there.


It all depends on where you are in your business and what your priorities are right now.

I want to give you the tools to show up in your business with ease & confidence. This might mean a single Brand Boost photo shoot or it could mean a Yearly Brand Photo Subscription for a longer-term collaboration where we can create more content and share more of your story.

a black and white photo showing photographer Janine Laag holding her camera


What’s included?

half day photo shoot (about 3 hours)
up to 3 stories/locations
40 edited digital images

Who’s it for?

The half day Brand Boost shoot is perfect if you want:

  • a brand transformation for your website and social media so your content looks and feels like you.
  • to post content more consistently to improve visibility (and bookings!)
  • a refreshed image library in just one session
  • photos for a specific campaign or offer that you are planning to launch
  • photos for a brand new business. Building a solid foundation right from the start with a website and social media presence that is strategically planned for your brand, for the audience you have in mind and that is infused with your personality will send a powerful message. Consistent and great quality visual branding can help to build trust (which means that the decision to contact you and work with you is much easier to make).

40 photos will allow for a lot of variation on your website and on social media. I would suggest prioritising natural portraits that allow your audience to get to know, like and trust you (the kind of portraits that feel like you’re speaking directly to your dream client), storytelling photos that capture your energy, personality, style and values and that help potential clients put themselves in the scene and imagine working with you, and detail photos that deepen your story.

light and airy personal brand photos of branding coach Malin Hammar-Blomwall
personal brand photos of coach Malin Hammar-Blomwall from her in-home brand photo shoot
calm and luxurious photos of branding coach Malin Hammar-Blomwall


What’s included?

3 Brand Boost photo shoots per year

Each shoot includes:

Half-day photo shoot (about 3 hours)
Up to 3 stories/locations
40 edited digital images

Who’s the yearly subscription for?

The subscription is perfect if you want content that grows with you and your brand. It will give you:

  • regularly updated portraits that capture MORE of your personality and energy.
  • photos that evolve with the seasons and grow with your business and mindset.
  • content that adapts to new offers and campaigns throughout the year.
  • more stories and locations that will resonate with your audience. Diving deeper into what makes you you will build trust and help your audience to imagine working with you.
  • a long-term collaboration with a photographer you feel comfortable with (at a reduced cost compared to booking 3 separate photo shoots).

 The benefits my clients have told me about:

This is the package that my clients asked me to create for them. They had gone from struggling to create content for social media, to actually feeling excited and showing up consistently.

Since the photo shoots are strategically planned with their personality, tone of voice, ideal clients and brand in mind, they fit seamlessly into their content creation system, which saves a huge amount of time – allowing them to drag and drop them into their social media schedule and actually giving them ideas for posts.

What’s blown my mind more than anything is all the messages I’ve got from my clients saying how proud they feel to share their photos and how much more confident they feel showing up.

And it’s not about the superficial stuff.

They’ve told me that because the photos actually feel like them, it doesn’t feel awkward to share them. They’re like conversation starters, because what you see in the photos is what their clients meet in real life.

Usually before their first shoot people tell me they feel uncomfortable being photographed. This usually passes pretty quickly, but by the second and third shoots they are so much more relaxed. The pressure’s off and they dare to really just be themselves. This is a really beautiful bonus of the subscription.

a professional but relaxed photo of coach Malin Hedlund from her personal brand photo shoot in Stockholm


Would you like to book a photo shoot but aren’t quite sure which package is right for you? Or would you like to chat about what working together would look like? Or maybe just get a chance to get to know each other so you can decide if we’re a good match or not?

Click on the button and let’s book in a digital coffee date. This isn’t your regular sales call where I pressure you to book. If this is meant to be, it’ll happen without pushing or shoving.