Personal brand photo shoots don’t need to be overcomplicated to capture your personality and brand essence. See how we created an image library for Consuelo’s website and social media from just one photo shoot location in Stockholm.

Choosing photo shoot locations is one of the first steps in the planning process the choices are completely dependent on the client and the look we want. My half-day Brand Boost photo sessions are the most popular, and for these we usually plan about 2-4 locations. Sometimes, though, we keep things really simple and just create a lot of different looks in one location. You can still get a lot of variety from just one location, so there’s often no need to overthink things.

There are so many benefits to limiting the number of locations. Consuelo’s brand is minimalistic, calm, artistic and grounded. Limiting the backgrounds and lighting and keeping outfits, props and colours simple meant that the result is a consistent and calm look that I think feels just like Consuelo – warm, down-to-earth, trustworthy, professional and approachable.

We saved a lot of time by not having to move between different places. It was a grey and snowy day here in Stockholm, but that wasn’t a problem for us since we were indoors the whole time. (We did discuss some outdoor options for the next photo shoot as well as some different indoor ones.)

You can actually get a lot of variety from just one location (and to be honest, I kind of love having this kind of restriction on me to push myself creatively).

A variety of calm and minimalistic personal brand photos of a life coach that we created in just one photo shoot location in Stockholm.


Consuelo is a life coach at Journeys from Within and I knew right from her first message that we were going to get along well.

The aim for this session was to capture photos that felt like her. She wanted a calm and minimalistic look. Down-to-earth, creative and confident. We wanted to prioritise neutral colours and quite clean backgrounds, that leant themselves to a feeling of harmony and trust.

She’s still working on her website and branding, but for now you can follow Consuelo on Instagram (click here).

A personal brand photo of a life coach creating a vision board


These tips will help whether you take your photos yourself or work with me – though if you work with me I’ll help you with all of this.

1. Plan a few different outfits

Select clothes that you love, that make sense in the location and for the story you are telling. You probably wouldn’t wear a business suit when you’re relaxing at home with a cup of tea, so you wouldn’t for your photos either (though in the right location a suit could be perfect). A combination of relaxed, casual mixed with something more ‘professional’ might be good for you. Add in layers and accessories, like blazers, sweaters and jewellery that you can add and remove during the session for a lot of different looks. You can also change your hairstyle during the shoot to add new looks. You can incorporate your brand colours into your outfits, though it’s not necessary. Whatever colours you choose for clothes and accessories (as well as the photos in the location), keep your brand colours in mind so that they harmonise and don’t clash.

2. Plan a range of stories/situations

Start by thinking about the type of content you share (your content pillars), think about what routines you have in your business that would be relevant to your audience and that would match your texts (eg. coaching a client, giving a presentation, creating, planning, doing own work) and what other routines you have that will help your audience get to know you and that they can relate to (eg. running, walking in the forest, relaxing with a book and cup of coffee, journalling). Decide which stories are possible to capture at your location and prioritise those.

3. Think creatively and use the space well

Use all of the different windows, corners and angles. You can often get a different look just by getting up high, or getting down low, using a plant or flowers in the foreground to add depth, you can move around paintings and furniture. Dare to think outside the box.

4. Use props

Think of things that you use in your work, in your personal life and that enhance your visual brand. Choose items that make sense for you and that perhaps incorporate (or at least harmonise with) your brand colours. Zooming in for close-ups will add more variety and create more harmony when the photos are shared together (eg. in your IG feed).

Have a look at another blog post I’ve written about props you can bring to your photo shoot.

5. Capture a range of expressions

From serious to light-hearted, laughs, more thoughtful, calm looks, use gestures to strengthen a message, alternate between looking into the camera, looking away (and not even including your face at all). Different expressions will suit different types of content. It wouldn’t make sense to share a photo of you laughing out loud with the type of text that feels more serious or more thoughtful and calm. Start by really thinking about how you are as a person and about the content you share in your business and plan the photos based on this.

A collection of photos that show how you can get a lot of variety in your personal brand shoot from just one location.


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Calm and harmonious photos of a Stockholm life coach dressed in neutral colours in a simple photo shoot location.