Now is the perfect time for updating your product photos

Here in Sweden we’re not on complete lockdown, but a lot of people are working from home and avoiding getting out amongst people.

It’s important not to just stop and wait for everything to get back to normal again.

It’s really important that we stay visible at this time and if you have some extra time on your hands it’s a great opportunity to get your product shots updated.

We only have a split second to make a first impression. The reality is that it doesn’t matter how amazing your product is, if the photos are bad, people won’t buy.⁠

⁠Did you know that I can help you with your product photography?⁠ You can just send me your products and I’ll photograph them for you.⁠

Get in touch if you would like more information about product photography for your business.

Have a look at some of the product sessions I’ve done in the past.

From a product photo session with Novo Vita

Pretty lifestyle images of healthcare products Product photos of tea and vitamins Natural photos of vitamins fruit and spices Light photos of healthcare products and foodProduct photos of yoga healthcare products

From a product photo session with Lakritsbutiken

Product photos of licorice from Lakritsbutiken Light and natural photos of salmiakbombenNatural photos of licorice root, licorice tea and licorice Product photos of liquorice and chocolate Product photography for Lakritsbutiken Liquorice syrup drizzled onto a plate and liquorice Photos of salmiakbomben candy