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In her own words

Love letters and sneak peeks I LOVE what Malin had to say after her personal brand session! Sneak peek from my amazing photoshoot with Janine Laag - Lumeah Brand Photography ⠀ @lumeah_brand_photography⠀ ⠀...

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Personal Brand Session // Brand Designer & Coach

Home office branding session with Malin I've been so looking forward to sharing these photos from my magical personal brand session with branding guru, Malin Hammar-Blomwall. The funny thing is that I haven't known...

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My favourite podcasts

I've lost count how many times I've started a sentence recently with 'I heard on a podcast...' or 'I read that...'. Call it a mid-life crisis, a new age of enlightenment, or who knows what, but I seem to have this...

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