How are you going to stand out?

Have you ever checked how many people there are doing the same job as you? I’m guessing there are quite a few. Am I right? So, why should your potential clients choose YOU over anyone else. How are you going to set yourself apart from the crowd?

Social media is a brilliant way to market your business, but we are bombarded with information and images these days, so it’s getting harder and harder to stand out.

The funny thing is that the answer is actually not as complicated as you think.

Your audience doesn’t expect perfection. They want you to be real!

Even if your audience is initially attracted to you because you have pretty pictures in your Instagram feed, what will keep them around is being genuine, showing you are competent in your field and that you are empathetic.

Potential clients need to feel that they can relate to you, that they like you and that you care about them.

After all, we all want to be seen, heard and understood. I won’t do business with someone who doesn’t genuinely care about me and my needs, but I also won’t invest in someone who I don’t think can do the job right.

I work hard and don’t make investments without choosing very carefully.

Why I keep putting off making contact

I’ve been looking for someone to help me out with a few things in my business lately. I’ve found a few businesses that look interesting. They seem to be competent and I’ve been tempted to get in touch. But I keep putting it off.
Do you know why?
For me to make contact with them, I need to make myself vulnerable. There’s a risk I could have to ask some stupid questions and I hate that feeling. It’s so much easier to ask these questions to someone I know and who I feel isn’t judging me. Someone who I know cares.
Just being nice isn’t enough though. I need to know that they have the knowledge, skills and competence to actually help me.
The companies I’ve found have quite interesting content on their websites and photos that are obviously well thought out and attractive (coffee, computers – you know, images that give a cosy kind of vibe). But these stock photos can only keep my interest for so long. The problem with the companies I’ve found is that I can’t see any faces. I can’t see who it is that I would be talking to. This is a huge hinder and it means that I’m going to keep putting off making contact I’ve found a real person.

Standing out in a crowd of others doing the same job as you

This is what personal brand photography is all about. It’s about going from being a random, impersonal business in a crowd of others doing the same job and creating a sense of connection, trust and familiarity. Exactly what it takes for a lot of people to go from searching to actually becoming loyal followers, to being loyal customers and supporters.
Choosing tailored images that represent you and your brand and combining them with authentic, interesting and inspiring content is key!
These last images are from a branding session with Emma, interior and landscape designer at OAS Design. We have regular sessions to keep her website and social media accounts up-to-date with beautiful images that represent her and her brand.
Get in touch to find out how I can help you with personal brand photos that are tailored for you and your brand.